Kineco - World of Composites

Design & Engineering


Kineco offers engineering solutions for its customers in composites ranging from concept design, structural design, engineering design & design validation. Our team of design & structural engineers using modeling softwares like Solidworks, Autocad & CATIA ensure the product is not only aesthetically designed but suits structurally for the end use.

On the filament winding front,

After the preliminary design is completed the pre-production engineering team simulates the winding by using CADWIND technology.

CADWIND - Completely automated program to develop and manufacture these fully filament wound vessels including the cylinder and the domes which enable minimum human interface while winding on machine, seamless structural cage with entire preview on CADWIND loaded systems thus ensuring the winding program is in line with the design basis and attaining desired properties in the vessels. This ensure total control over fabrication and winding process.

We validate our designs using analysis techniques like Finite Element Analysis & Computational Fluid Dynamics. Kineco’s elaborate services in field of composite design include preparation of Aerospace level compliant process and quality control documentation at all stages i.e. design and detail engineering, tooling, first article development and serial manufacturing. Kineco will very soon have a full-fledged research & development centre, dedicated towards composite design & processing, lead by the best talent pool in the industry.