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Resin Transfer Moulding is a closed mould process in which a finish in both sides is achievable. Kineco over the years of increasing volumes has developed a RTM facility capable of producing high volume components. In this process resin is pumped between a cavity of moulds (die & punch), The reinforcements are already laid up prior to the impregnation of the resin.

The process not only ensures a dual side finish & higher productivity (due to lesser human intervention) but also higher glass content due to controlled resin flow. Kineco has also developed the in-house capability of developing the specialized composite or metal moulds required for this process (Please also refer tooling).

Another variation of RTM is VARTM where the vaccum is applied in the mould cavity prior to impregnation of the resin, this improves resin flow as well as reduces the reinforcement required on the moulds. Kineco manufactures & exports tripod bases for water treatment vessels & a automobile components by this process.