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Aerodynamic Composite Front End Cabs


Kineco has developed structural front end nose cones in glass fibre composites for DEMU, MEMU and Metro trains. For some of the front cabs Kineco did the turn-key job of concept design, engineering design, design validation using techniques like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) & Finite element analysis (FEA), tooling, prototyping, serial manufacturing and installation.

Front ends along with driver's console and cab interiors were made using fire retardant polyester as well as phenolic resin systems complying with various railway fire standards including BS 6853, UIC 564-2 & NCD-1409. Advanced manufacturing processes like resin infusion and vacuum bagging (inside autoclave) were adopted to ensure high mechanical properties of GRP laminate necessary for applications like train fronts. Kineco can integrate instrumentation, electrical items & cabling wherever necessary so as to provide plug & play features to the customers.

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